Pack of 10 boxes


30 edible straws per box

Ooble straws are sturdy, sustainable, and tasty! They pair well with smoothies, shakes, juices, cocktails, and warm chocolate beverages.

Straw dimensions: ~17cm height, 6mm width

Get your first edible straw experience with Ooble – in chocolate or cinnamon flavor! You can now sip on your beverage and remain kind to the planet by munching into your straw.

100% edible, vegan straws

Individual box quantity 30 edible straws per box
Shelf life 6 months(Store in air-tight conditions away from moisture)
Ingredients Wheat flour, finger millet flour, organic cinnamon/cacao powder, brown sugar, sunflower oil. *contains gluten
Straw dimensions 17cm height X 6mm width

We use recycled kraft paper to pack the straws lined with FDA approved food-grade aluminium lining. The box is designed to be reused and is recyclable. If you would like to discuss using this model, please contact us at

Select a flavour

Chocolate, Cinnamon, Mix