Ooble straws

Ready to try an edible, kind,
vegan, sustainable straw that
comes in different flavors?

Yup, you can now eat your straw!

Ooble straws
Plastic-free straws​

Plastic plastic everywhere,
and it’s not going anywhere.
With Ooble, you can make a kind switch
to a plastic-free functional experience.

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Make Ooble straws your next #kindswitch


1 billion straws are used every single day globally. It pollutes our landfills, affects our marine life, and because of their small size is difficult to recycle.

What can you do about it?


Can you live without a straw? Yes!
Do you want to?
Probably not! It is hygienic and more convenient to use.

Is there a kinder alternative?

Ooble makes straws that you can eat! Imagine taking a sip of your beverage, gulping it down and munching on your Ooble straw. YUM!
Why only slurp,
when you can eat it too!
From nature,
to nature.
Keeping the sea,

In different flavors
and oh so munchy!

Bye-bye plastic,
hello Ooble!

Try the Ooble experience
  • 30 edible straws per box

  • Use like a straw,
    munch like a snack

  • Does not change
    taste of your beverage

  • Chocolate and cinnamon
    flavoured straws

  • Kind to the planet
Listen to our latest talk about Sustainability
with Bottled in China
When sustainability meets innovation

Ooble started as a university project in 2016 where we had to find a sustainability gap within the food packaging industry and try to fix it. Among the several issues, one tiny object stood out: Straws. This tiny entity was something everyone used but no one cared about because it is “just one straw”. A straw that continues to pollute our oceans as they turn into micro-plastic and chokes our ocean.

We are food engineers who decided it was now time to eat your straw. We got working on building a product that is edible, sustainable, and functional. We used design thinking to develop Ooble edible straws that can be used with ease, is kind to the planet, and tasty for your palate.

Come join our journey in making Ooble straws the next #foodhero.

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Help us, help the environment

We are waiting to hear from you! If you’re an investor or a food business owner who would like to try our products or collaborate, do contact us!
If you have any feedback or ideas don’t hesitate to share them with us. You are an important part of keeping our endeavour going.
A lot of our marine friends will surely be happy.

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